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San Francisco, CA, USA

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Q1. Please tell us why you have entered or are considering entering cellular agriculture industry/ 細胞農業に参入された、もしくは参入検討されている理由を教えてください。

Our mission is to defend Earth’s wild places by inspiring a transition to clean and accessible seafood

Q2. In which areas your company/institution is working on cellular agriculture. For example: Basic research, cell culture process, food raw material development for cell culture, culture tanks, safety assessment, etc. /貴社/貴機関の細胞農業取り組み領域をおしえてください。

All of the above – we are focused on created branded food products for consumers.

Q3. Please tell us about any examples of initiatives you can introduce./ ご紹介可能な取り組み事例を教えてください。

We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned in working with US FDA over the years and to participate in any conversations on regulatory harmonization between Japan and the United States.

Q4. What do you hope to achieve for Cellular Agriculture?/ 細胞農業によって何を実現されたいですか? もしくは何を期待されますか?

Delicious products that consumers crave!

Q5. Please feel free to write any other messages you would like to add./ その他、発信されたいメッセージなど自由にご記入ください。

We’re happy to be a part of Wildtype